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Results of the IDES-EDU students design courses presented in a brochure

To gain experience with the design of Nearly Zero energy Buildings in multidisciplinary teams, each university organized a design a design course for their students. The results of these courses are presented in the brochure ‘Zero Energy Buildings – Design courses IDES-EDU project’. Each university has defined a general framework for the design course, based on the specific possibilities, the boundary conditions on the locations. These frameworks are presented in the results of each design course. The common target for the design courses is Nearly Zero Energy Building. The students had to calculate the total energy demand of the building for all operating end uses (heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, appliances,..) in KWh/m2a. Also the fraction…


Five recorded IDES-EDU lectures on line

On June 25 a public lectures were organized by Zuyd University and Cauberg-Huygen and Zuyd University Heerlen the Netherlands. During this event a selection of five IDES-EDU lectures were presented and recorded. These lectures on Integrated Design Approach, Whole Building Renewable Energy Concepts, Energy Production, Indoor Environment and Cross Disciplinary Teamwork give a nice impression of the wide range of lectures on the theme of Nearly Zero Energy Building principles. You can view these lectures on following links: Welcome and introduction – Peter op ‘t Veld (CHRI) en Ronald Rovers (Zuyd University)   Integrated Design Process – Camilla Brunsgaard, Aalborg University, Denmark   Whole building and Renewable energy concepts – Per Heiselberg,  Aalborg…


ODOO building from Budapest University of Technology and Economics won the IDES-EDU student’s design course competition

In order to bring the IDES-EDU lectures into practice a design course was organized for the IDES-EDU students. The results of this design course are presented in posters which you can download from the IDES-EDU website under students. During the 7th IDES-EDU working meeting the three best designs have been selected by the IDES-EDU participants. The winning design was from the ODOO building of the Hungarian team of Budapest University of Technology and Economics BME. In fact, BME is an observer of the IDES-EDU project. The three best designs will be presented by students during the Clima2013 conference, workshop 4 ‘Cross Disciplinary education on NZEB’ , 15 -19 June, Prague. The main goal of the…



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